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DES'OTEL; with special venues, professional team and marriage preparation consultants, it makes the wedding invitations of dreams come true. Whether it's under the stars at the pool, in the garden or in the specially decorated elegant ballroom, with the menus enriched with the most delicious recipes of the master chefs, the guests have an excellent experience. In the summer months, those who want to be the bride, the hotel's 300 person capacity pool head or 200 people prefer the garden; DES'OTEL welcomes its guests in the largest column-free ballroom on the Anatolian side of which 93 people can be accommodated at the same time. The ballroom with a distinctive and elegant decoration, the ballroom with 20 square meters of podium and is one of the indispensables of private invitations with its wide dance floor. The menus selected from the Turkish and international cuisines give guests delicious moments, while experienced marriage preparation consultants guarantee that every moment of this special invitation is complete and perfect. DES'OTEL, not only wedding invitations, engagement, henna, bachelor events, honeymoon and even wedding anniversary meals from 10 to 500 people, many organizations, 23 meeting rooms, ballrooms and restaurants in DES'OTEL Hotel quality is possible to realize.

Services Included in Wedding Package:

  • Wedding Coach (Assistant)
  • Wedding Orchestra
  • Wedding Sound, Light and Music System
  • Projector and Screen Screen
  • Specially prepared wedding cake and slice cake service
  • Wedding menu description with your loved ones (up to 4 people)
  • Specially designed table for guests (White Tablecloth, Candlestick, Supla)
  • Chair Covers
  • Bridal Path and Tag
  • Bridal Table
  • Champagne served to the bride and groom
  • Suite for wedding day bride-groom accommodation room (Fruit Basket and Wine Refreshment), breakfast included in restaurant the next day
  • 1. Romantic dinner for 2 on your wedding anniversary
  • Special accommodation rates for guests wanting to stay
  • Wedding Chair
  • Valet service

- 10% discount on weddings during the week.
- Our offer is valid for a minimum of 350 organizations.
- External use of Hotel Equipment is charged extra.
- The determined prices are valid for the wedding organizations of the year 2022 and will be valid if the total fee is paid up to 3 months before the wedding date.

Detailed information and contact
Telephone: 0282 262 20 00
GSM: 0532 522 07 07

Wedding Halls
Find the right room for you.
  • Safir Salon
    Safir Salon
    500 People
    Sea View Wedding Hall
  • Zümrüt Salon
    Zumrut Salon
    450 People
    Wedding Hall for Special Occasions
  • Yakut Salon
    Yakut Salon
    120 People
    Engagement - Henna - Birthday
  • Elmas Salon
    Elmas Salon
    100 People
    Meeting and Presentation Hall