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Des'Otel Tekirdağ Yakut Hall (Lobby Floor), Emerald Hall (Lobby Floor), Elmas Hall (Lobby Floor) and Sapphire Hall (5th Floor - Terrace) hosts meetings such as congress organizations, company trainings, product promotions with its experienced team. For a complete event where you will get efficient results, you will find the latest technologies, stylish and delicious presentations together with a professional service approach at DESOTEL,

The boringness of meetings becomes a thing of the past with its special decoration, service concept that provides wide range of possibilities, and extremely stylish cocktail and foyer areas.

It offers perfection in your organizations with its professional sound system, lighting system, VRV air conditioning system, barcovision system located in 2 separate corners of our halls.

It is an ideal venue for your corporate events with its convenient location and parking lot.


SSafir Hall (5th Floor - Terrace) are designed for multi-purpose organizations. It will give you and your guests unique moments with its professional sound system, lighting, air conditioning and stylish services.

The music selection in the invitations is organized by taking into account the entertainment understanding of our customers, their regions and their own wishes. The repertoires prepared before the organization are exhibited with live performances by professional orchestra groups made up of faculty members.

In our halls, we turn the most special and meaningful day of your life into a magnificent one with our decorations.

Colors and shapes are the most important details that can be remembered. Bows and tulle with the colors you choose will add your atmosphere to the tables and chairs. When your invitation, decorated with flowers, candle holders and balloons, is accompanied by light and volcano shows, your unforgettable night will begin.

DES'OTEL Tekirdağ
We offer the most luxurious services
Our hotel, team and service as the way to guide you through the organization and provide the best comfort, we are proud to host you and your guests. The honeymoon suite has fruit basket and champagne service for the bride and groom, daily use room and also has free ample parking capacity. offers fire safety.
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Wedding & Engagement Organizations
It’s a wedding that not only your guests will forget.” Yerine “It’s a wedding that not only you but also your guests will forget.
with special venues, professional team and marriage preparation counselors, it makes the wedding of your dreams come true. Whether it's under the stars at the pool, in the garden or in the specially decorated elegant ballroom, with the menus enriched with the most delicious recipes of the master chefs, the guests have an excellent experience. In the summer months, those who want to be the bride, the hotel's 300 people capacity pool head or 200 people prefer the garden; DES'OTEL welcomes the guests to much larger invitations. The ballroom, which has a distinctive entrance door with a special foyer and a distinctive decoration, is among the indispensables of special events with its 20 square meter podium and wide dance floor. The menus selected from the Turkish and international cuisines give guests delicious moments, while experienced marriage preparation counselors guarantee that every moment of this special invitation is complete and perfect. DES'OTEL , not only wedding invitations, engagement, henna, bachelorette activities, honeymoon but also wedding anniversary meals 10 people to 1100 people, many organizations, 2 meeting rooms, ballrooms and restaurants with Titanic Hotels quality is possible to realize.
Meeting & Conference
We take your work as seriously as you.
DES'OTEL has two meeting rooms, two on the lobby floor. The meeting rooms in pastel tones provide a warm welcome. Karina Ballroom, which makes a difference with its unlimited facilities and service quality in catering, provides services for large organizations up to 1100 people with its modern and technological infrastructure.
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150 rooms at DES'OTEL have sea view and 42 have city views. The hotel has 48 deluxe rooms, 136 Superior rooms, 3 Premier Suites, 4 Club suites and 1 disabled rooms. DES'OTEL blends exclusive design and a luxurious setting, providing a special stay with its modern desks and stylish design products. Famous artists belonging to the walls decorated with valuable works, functionality and elegance of the bathroom and accessories, rooms that make the room different.
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You can get detailed information about our hotel by watching our video tour. Our hotel, team and service as a way to guide you through the organization and provide the best comfort, we are proud to host you and your guests.
Our hotel will guide you through the organization as a team and service. have the capacity to provide good comfort and welcome you and your guests we'll be proud.

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